An interesting take on examining the Gospel accounts by J. Warner Wallace, a cold-case detective who has 30+ years of experience in the field.

Before he came to be a Christian, he examined the supposed eyewitness accounts found in the Gospels finding that they have a striking resemblance to actual eyewitness accounts he is use to working with as being a detective.

It bothered him how strikingly real they all sound because of the variance of view points shared among the disciples based on the same events. It was the fact that these Gospels accounts don't match each other(though non-contradicting) in so many instances that lead him to believe these were not fabricated accounts.

He use to run an experiment in front of his youth group where he would have someone run up and slap him on the side of the head and run off the stage. He would ask the individual audience members to explain to him what they saw, and even though they all saw it together, their answers had great variances.